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Beginner Tai Chi Level 2

Price 11 Pounds
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Beginner Tai Chi Level 2.

This is a follow up from the first Beginner Tai Chi DVD.

This DVD extends the duration and movement of the Routine shown in the first Beginner Tai Chi to its final completion. Building on the previous movements, this form will be developing greater balance, coordination and skill. The increase in complexity still keeps the form at beginner levels but allows one to progress on the journey of Tai Chi with gentleness and grace.

This DVD only focuses on one Tai Chi Routine: The Zen Morning Sunrise Form. The DVD will extend the movements in a gentle and logical way to help the practitioner develop a further understanding of how a Tai Chi Form can be performed.

The primary focus of this Tai Chi form is to take the Practitioner on a journey of moving with a Zen-like quality and stillness of mind. The characteristics of this form is fluidity and tranquility. The style is based on the Sun Style of Tai Chi.

Each movement is shown in a more detailed manner, with in depth explanations and demonstrations for the more complex sequences. The form performance is around 15 to 18 minutes in length. This form is best accompanied with the warm up routines shown in the first Beginner Tai Chi DVD.

The DVD is around 90 minutes long .