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Top Selling Tai Chi DVD on from 2009 to 2018

Beginner Tai Chi

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This is one of the easiest Tai Chi Routines to learn, yet still delivers the full relaxing experience of advanced Tai Chi. The DVD contains a Tai Chi Routine of 8 to 12 minutes, a 16 minute gentle warm up routine and a 20 minute Qi Gong - Energy Routine . Tai Chi is a wonderful way to calm and relax our tense bodies and mind. Moving with slow body movements we begin forming a Tai Chi routine. These routines are the core of Tai Chi. By practising these routines one shifts the energies in our body and mind creating a sense of balance and peace. Its very important that our first Tai Chi routines are Simple and Effective. This encourages our confidence and we then explore further. The routines on this DVD are all facing forwards. This is the quickest way to learn Tai Chi Routines. To shift into a more Tranquil vibration and mindset one needs to practice slow relaxing movements with focus. The shift takes around 3 to 4 minutes to take effect. The Tai Chi Routine contains 11 movements with included guided energy visualisations to activate the Qi Energy. The Qi Gong is a more passive routine - activating the internal Qi energy through visualisation - combined with slow and static postures. Any of the routines can be performed separately or together. The Beginner Tai Chi Routine is based on Sun Style Tai Chi. The gentle warm up is based on Fa Soong Gong of the Hun Yuan Chen Style System. Also included on the DVD is a Beginner Tai Chi Introduction, Demonstrations of Intermediate Tai Chi Forms of the Yang 24 Forms and The New Sun Style Form :- Zen Cosmic Connection Form. There is also an Introduction to Relaxed Breathing and Tai Chi Posture. Due to the gentle nature of the routines, this is also suitable for seniors.


About the Director

Stephen Luff has been a Tai Chi Instructor since 1986. He has studied the Yang, Sun and Chen styles of Tai Chi. He has been creating his own Tai Chi routines to make the transition from Beginner to Advanced as smooth as possible.

A Different Approach by Barry Barnes,

Having retired from very active jobs my wife and I needed an exercise form appropriate to our age and life style. First we tried to teach ourselves Tai Chi by DVD and then by attending classes. Being left unsatisfied by the first and confused by the second a friend introduced us to Stephen Luff's DVD. It is easy to follow and is just what a beginner needs to be able to practice the exercises and movements at home in between the weekly classes. Having now met and attended a session with Stephen I whole heartedly recommend this DVD to any beginner. The movements and the reasons for those movements are clearly explained. The instructor is filmed in a way that allows the viewer to see the whole of the movement, feet, body and arms. The accompanying commentary is excellent.

An Excellent Learning Tool by Simon Boyd,

This beginners Tai-Chi DVD is extremely well designed and produced. The structure of the 'program' creates for a real and deep learning experience that many other DVDs fail to achieve. If you seek a practical and effective way to improve your health and well-being this DVD is a great investment and your time will be well spent in following Stephen's guidance and expertise!.

Excellent DVD by Patricia Critchley,

This is a really excellent DVD. Stephen Luff has a calm, clear and sensible approach to Tai Chi and a very pleasant voice - important when you are potentially watching a DVD over and over again. It could be used as a stand alone introduction to Tai Chi but, as he has developed his own version of the Form, might not suit anyone wanting to follow a defined set of moves as part of their night school class etc. 
I particularly liked the extras, and the Warming Up the Joints routine is fantastic. Works very gently, head to toe (literally) but in the calmest and easiest way imaginable. I have never before enjoyed a series of exercises to the point where I actually look forward to doing them, especially if I need to loosen tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. Within a few days, they were familiar enough to be able to do without reference to the DVD. 
I can't recommend this DVD enough. A friend bought a copy after simply watching the Warming Up routine, and I have just ordered another copy to give to a relative - again mainly for the exercise routine. 
I have been loaned three other Tai Chi videos, none of which suited me. This one I bought after reading the reviews on Amazon.

Stephen Luff has really helped me. by Michael Reynolds

This is a great DVD to start learning Tai Chi. I have had three operations on my lower back and was finding it hard to get around and my posture was bad but after doing beginner Tai Chi with Stephen I have found that my walking has improved and my posture is alot better. When I do the Tai Chi I feel very relaxed and so much better and find my back isn't so tight. I would recomend this video to anyone.

Zen Chestnuts Reviews

I've now had a chance to look at the DVD, and enjoyed it very much. It's very well put together, both in vision and sound (nicely balanced) - the Tai Chi and the scenery are beautiful too.

Since I started teaching, I have been looking for ways to keep the enjoyable feeling in formwork, and not to overface students with too much detail, too soon. I teach a much simpler Sun style form to my beginners, but, for some, I feel the detail can still present a problem. I would like them to try this form to see if it's simplicity helps them not only with their feeling for the form, but also with thinking their way through it, and learning how to remember the sequences.
Your demonstrations of subsequent (intermediate) forms could be very inspiring (and helpful) for students of any standard, and I shall have no hesitation in recommending your Dvd to anyone in my classes who inquires.
Many thanks,
Lesley Maud.

I have bought a number of Tai chi DVDs and I can say this is so far the best Iíve come across. It has very clear instructions and I particularly like the fact that itís not too intimidating for beginners and at the same time not too slow as to put one off.

I find the routine very effective to bring about relaxation and focus and the techniques are easily performed.

The constant reminder to relax and extra exercise tips are very useful as I find that I tend to tense up while trying to follow the routine.

Thank you for producing this DVD, Stephen. I look forward to the next version of Tai Chi DVD soon!

Serene Tan (from Australia)