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My YouTube Instagram TaiChi This is my youtube channel. I have quite a few videos uploaded there with more to come. This is my Twitter Site. Its quite open to all things I have an interest in not just Tai Chi. I like Twitter because I feel with this I can be completely myself and those that want to follow they can. I find it easier to express myself on than facebook. Facebook I feel doen’t lend itself to being helpful and expressing ideas. This is my Buzz Site. Its Google’s new social web tool. Its a combination of things. It pulls in my Twitter postings, has its own buzz postings which can be much more than twitter, pulls in my blogs as well. Its still finding its feet with google but for now I’m trying it out. is a great site for finding vcds and dvds on Tai Chi. The guy who runs it is really professional and very reliable. Also thanks to his efforts to keep his site always high up on search engines those that have schools listed there really benefit.