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This is a small collection of some of the Videos on You Tube. Watching these performances really helps improve oneís Tai Chi. I have other influences but the videos are not on You tube. Chen Zhenglei and Feng Zhiquian have been  big influences on me, as well as my own Master Su(Kung Fu and Tai Chi). Leo Sebrets from South Africa also played a foundational part in my training(Kung Fu). Iíve now been doing Martial Arts for over 40 years.
The owners of the Videos often delete them so if there are blank videos I apologise.

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A Display by me of the Beautiful 24 Hun Yuan Chen Form. A lot of detail goes into a form like this and it needs practicing frequently to get it smooth.

Taoist Qi Gong 12 Posture. This is one of the routines I do in my Monday Evening Classes.

A display by me of the Chen 36 Form. This is a fluid, challenging but satisfying Routine of Chen Style.




Chen Taijiquan - Laojia Yi Lu as performed by the brilliant Chen Zhenglei. This is 8 minutes of the old frame 83 Movement Chen form.

Overview of the Yi Jin jing Qi Gong. This is one of my Qi Gong routines I do in both types of classes. Its  a great routine.

Hunyuan 24 forms by Feng Zhiquian. Although not the best quality video here, This is a lovely form and one of my Favorites that I also teach later on.




This is a solo performance by Master Fengís daughter Ms Feng Xiufang. Sheís also very fluid in this form. What this form really taught me was to relax a lot more than I was doing.

This is the long 108 Yang Form. this was the second Tai Chi Form I learnt after the 83 Chen Form. Its 10 minutes of a 30 minute routine. Over the years of filming myself I see more softness in my performance, which confirms my feeling while I play with it.

This is the Zen Cosmic Connection Form. Its a brand new Sun Style Form Iíve created. this is an intermediate level form and is a great complement to 73 Sun Style Form or 98 Sun Style Form as it's quite different Characteristically, yet maintains the full flavour of Sun Style.