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Starting with a Simple, Powerful and Achievable Tai Chi Routine

Oneís first experience of a Tai Chi Class is very important. One should immediately feel the benefits of the deep relaxation and sense of stillness. All too often, though, this experience can be mixed. The simplicity of the warm-up and the QIQONG exercises moves one into a sense of peace and stillness. However, once one begins the Tai Chi practice ie the linking of a set series of movements, the level of simplicity soon evaporates. Traditionally this is because the old forms are too long and complicated. They require everyday practice from the first day in order to progress. Here in the West we do not have our nations parks filled with daily practice of Tai Chi Classes. Usually the classes are done once a week, maybe twice a week. Therefore it is crucial that the Tai Chi Form being taught is simple, easy to follow, easy to learn and easy to practice. It should be short and feel that itís possible to achieve even for a complete novice.
For this reason I have adapted the Sun Style 73 Movements to create a Simplified Sun Style Form. Itís simple, has plenty of repetitions and can be easily learnt even with a class of only once a week.
Most importantly, the Beginner Form performed in the style Iíve described will deliver on what Tai Chi is all about. The key to it is the simplicity and the repetitions. The whole sequence takes 8 to 10 minutes. Performance of the form should be fluid, relaxed, effortless, timeless and highly enjoyable.

Experience the feeling of deep relaxation

 The ULTIMATE FEELING of Practicing Tai Chi is of calm and complete contentment while flowing effortlessly within our deeply relaxed Body. By developing smooth, Graceful Movements the body and mind really begin to relax into a lovely peaceful state of mind. When we really feel our moments of joy, Tai Chi teaches us to expand and continue in that feeling. Combined with the Energy work of QiGONG and joint flexibility exercises, the whole experience of a Tai Chi Class is tremendous. Moving oneself into Stillness we begin to understand how this should feel. We then start to understand just how much clutter and chaos we have in our minds, as well as how much tension we carry in our bodies most of the time.

Enjoy the increase in your Energy

One of the best ways to Increase energy is to become more relaxed. Tai Chi is ACTIVE relaxation. The movements have multiple purposes such as: activation of our inner energy, relaxing the mind, increasing blood flow, martial applications, removing energy blockages and releasing our stiff joints to move more fluidly.
Imagine every bit of tension in your body requires energy from your daily reserves to hold that tension. Now if we allow our muscles to only hold natural tension for structural support of the body, we free up more energy.
Also, overactive thinking, going endlessly all day from one thought to the next, consumes out natural energy. A lot of the time we are not aware of the process of endless streaming of thoughts into our minds.
Tai Chi performed with focus and intended relaxation helps bring some real changes into how we become more aware of our thinking.

Additional Health Benefits

Tai Chi is very Effective in Healing Joints. Sore knees, Wrist Problems, back Problems Ankles, Shoulders, Elbows, Spine, Hips are all improved through the Tai Chi Exercises.
Tai Chi has proven to be beneficial in helping Improve the following:
 Arthritis, Hypertension, Rheumatism, Asthma, Gastritis, Restless Sleep, Migraines, Depression, Nervousness, Bi-Polar Disorder, EMI, and MORE.
Tai Chi is also excellent in restoring our Internal organs to their natural healthy levels. By regulating and activating our own natural energy we can remove imbalances in our Organs. Chinese Medicine links our emotions to our Internal Organs so by restoring Mental and Physical health we are balancing our human body Systems. Our health emotions an Energy Levels are closely linked to the health of our Organs.

The Flexible benefits of Front-facing Tai Chi Forms.

Due to the design of my beginner forms it is possible to follow the whole class without knowing anything about Tai Chi. This is unique to experiencing Tai Chi for the reason that all the original Tai Chi Patterns(or forms as they are known) start changing direction after movement 2 or 3.
However, with the unique design of my forms one can face forward throughout the Tai Chi Form.
As a result of being able to do the form facing forward, one can follow the Teacher throughout the entire class. This allows one to come to Tai Chi sessions every week and not have to learn or practice at home in order to keep up with the class.
This offers both Teacher and Student great flexibility. The Teacher can continue expanding the sequence of the forms without worrying that the absolute beginners will get lost. Anyone coming along to my classes can drop right in and do the whole session.
From this flexibility I can offer the experience of Tai Chi without the pressure of learning the sequence. Sometimes one is just too busy to put in the time to learn every week new movements. Yet one wants the benefits of Tai Chi because it is enjoyable within this environment.
This flexibility allows those who wish to learn with those who wish to follow without either holding the other back.

Much later on a small group of keen Tai Chi practitioners will want to begin to learn the more traditional forms that require weekly practice. At this point a separate class will be needed as the traditional forms have to be learnt and are not designed for following.

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