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You will feel great during and after the Tai Chi Sessions.


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FITNESS is a combination of a number of elements. Flexibility is one, Stamina is another, Strength and Power are some others. Lesser known are the ability to Balance and be Coordinated. Through its exercises of slowness and balancing postures, Tai Chi increases strength and Stamina. Also the relaxation and calmness experienced in the sessions bring about Natural Deep Breathing. This improves Stamina as the ability to bring Oxygen to the muscles and Brain.

A gentle exercise for everybody

Tai Chi is for all ages. Even for someone in their 90ís can enjoy great benefits from this system. Tai Chi offers a variety of levels of difficulty. Even while learning the  Simple 8 Forms of Tai Chi Fitter Students can Sink into postures more deeply, and hold the Postures for longer. It is hard to say that either young or old benefit more from Tai Chi. It is true to say that as you become older you see and feel the benefits quite quickly. Yet as a younger person you will see other benefits as well. 

Balancing our minds and emotions.

 Feeling a sense of Calm Contentment is very soothing to our spirit. The body follows the mind and the mind follows the body. If one does an incredibly relaxing movement, the mind joins in the natural slow rhythm and begins to slow down. If we increase our awareness and focus on these Tranquil energising movements, we begin to feel the energy in our bodies and move into a deeper state of Relaxation. If the mind and Body are Calm our Emotions are kept at a lovely even keel that is truly Peaceful.

Move in a skillful way beyond what you thought possible.

Tai Chi is unique as an exercise program as one feels very refreshed, calm and full of energy afterwards. There is a lovely sense of all is well in our lives and we are very balanced and relaxed. This occurs subtly during the course of oneís Tai Chi sessions, building up oneís energy or CHI as it is commonly known within Tai Chi.

Feeling complete after every training session.

Learn an Art that will give you a lifetime of Pleasure

Tai Chi is an Art. It looks beautiful, requires developing skills in many areas. The more silky the movements look and feel, the more relaxed the practitioner has become. As your skill develops and grows so oneís Tai Chi grows with it. This includes all the benefits listed so far. A relaxed mind becomes more deeply relaxed and begins to move into stillness. The Concentration required begins to increase as practice develops. Our bodies begin to feel more fluid and supple. We feel we are better connected to our bodies, deeping our understanding. We begin to know our minds and itís subtle shifts from thought to thought. Tai Chi brings everything about us together as a whole. The Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit are moving harmoniously as one.

Becoming more flexible though Tai Chi

Everyone who practices Tai Chi agrees that the increased Flexibility is one of the Great Benefits of Tai Chi. As we get older we become more stiff in Joints and muscles. Itís a subtle shift that sometimes catches us unawares. Soon with practice the Tai Chi gives our flexibility back. Through the specially adapted Hun Yuan Chen Silk-Reeling Exercises we begin to really loosen up that stiffness and inflexibility.

Beautiful Soothing Movements 4 Deep Relaxation.

The Tai Chi Class includes a set of exercises that are specially designed to take the Practitioner into a Deep Relaxation. The movements are so soothing and gentle that after the first few minutes one is in a lovely state of relaxation. These movements are part of the Hun Yuan System. They are known as Fa Soong Gong. Deep Relaxation Exercises. These are specially designed to really soothe the body and mind.

Understand Qigong to Boost Your Energy More.

So Far I have spoken of Tai Chi and mentioned a little about some of the other parts to the system. Tai Chi is being used as an Umbrella word here. What is involved is several systems into one. The Tai Chi Form is the Joining of all that has been practiced separately. The Fa Soong Goon helps achieve a great stillness to the mind and emotions; The Hun Yuan Silk Reeling Exercises Increase our flexibility and range of motion. One other Part is the Qigong Exercises. These really help one feel the Energy in our bodies. They are designed to rebalance the energies in our bodies to their Natural Healthy State. The Hun Yuan Qigong training is an essential part of my Tai Chi Chuan Training. This style of Qigong is easy to learn, yet you quickly feel its real power.